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of the t winws wain g blted ty theinnd.wa we'vgo roa g bld tcloses.he and d.joonse ence'vasoaa reltos. d secea o fresay. and owhen ysahink bac yr fe indn n jsey,en yo do thnk ratinterm ofac y her i njy, stms?do ere m stathing at'rermf tlkin r out e sueas st? rece d,ta wg ee tdn'tineeanytng li t suat ec topp w by most thr 'teetytromli whate saw b ckn ppy sthrtm60. atis ts thaworst b atn. new tjersth's steen? >> thi it' theew rs rstn?i've seen>>er inhi t'feti ihehe tve en nstat titwee at s rm eesurg srgetwn the tw e nd,d, of ursewe'r not rougwitht ye it'as badf se 'rasot ie er ugseethyet' adve ner sn t ie e fldingee n sthat tak t flngplac rome atcoasakl pas, i's bnac hug re floong obviassly,patlaic ty a i bug oo othviy,la aces a moouth th
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we i' eahaveore oan s t100e ema vee persnelositnedlong1 the a st cst rslit drkinon to sheport c disaer in eparnesso as w slrt assear an saescuarss ws ar ere'28 tes at. corise o e' te 29 fem cose ocpshat a em pre-agedasc weat a h aedr. e-ed the are hhree fedal a urb th ar archndeeed rese tkrb foes. chyou es tknow fo. 's ce to s the uderagovements woing owndin hand with t s govee orra vechntstieand wog allndfit the untynd l al oveicia. ch >>iell rdht.l e ty l oia >> r. senar nend thk yo so ch fakinthe nati. goodlu .ndhyoo obvi sly fine ti odlu viy itlookliketokke persal sry frhe 6 lliopeop in t srs s fr courye who ve bn6 aecte by hisioop n t stm.ou let' get to o b ateisjaso carll host t'utt oton lonisld. so arknow jaso y ou've beeonn sl wahing t stoow co were so yu vereee it s waettyng tto o in wedibe. wh is ik fort ut thitys
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rebicawh aouean wir . e li wis.n hand a bvioirly.liveiresnd li ter notwiix. diovees r ot. >>nd i tnk wust >> lost son' tshot taga. oshe w sayg liv wir ndn'ot wa r d't mi.a can te w yayuivir tt hedas wa d mi ll. ere ne water c ymes u t h noh . e waof m csee youowno oious the ere m niveou re arod o usherebut atthe sa n pobleve forroo ny pces herre tte sto i s p lettinrighorw. p seakier of twator, andho gh ingh it ce, nt o kif swwaou nd anot r cp ture thisas ten b s w otitpre counisl t b mberfromeens u ca se unur perersomns comptelycanderseter ts pi pure.s it ano ermply sigerr t of jupi he.w it noquicy thigf wuer r he. i n te you here w icreth gh no w rot lyi te oudret ri ickl butheno lileart of thri citf maatta ighkl huteli rt stif an itslan itaostaquicghy h to eit or tinn feetan very quicity, theicyo cbinaeion oor thhigh tidet aryichefull c mnan a o stthm somef a the cturll co mng in a
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gi youstsu sen o meowth seve ur ois i wehe omengi waous wenre o w ev e, a sti i s easheenatorm w w ntins to mov ati iinld. 're ing rm ta into ovbre. garynl tu man,e weg l chak i he irysurrtly itunn,ech delare i ttin hit th thetormhi i en vrry acyve l iely.ele int herm vac ly. but causof bines opleike u, t us bes lee thgs a begning toet rling anregi s isthere a helegngto rng angi ise kingelt eaer wh th exrtisand rvic ng ea w keeththos wheeex turisng.d ic eeos eeurom b.inesloan toash nagent bes an wantoto bh yourge paner vingorwa. anso s btch ur regpans. r ngwa sh eg. and t's t gog. totherd s go toer
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11:27 pm
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11:28 pm
11:29 pm
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11:30 pm
11:31 pm
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11:32 pm
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11:33 pm
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11:34 pm
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11:35 pm
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11:36 pm
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11:37 pm
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11:38 pm
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11:39 pm
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11:40 pm
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11:41 pm
11:42 pm
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11:43 pm
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11:44 pm
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11:45 pm
ee we ie busesseiall it daowb ckou hin th weart osellmanhtan, becae theboupowe hastheentnhn, ca theempvelywe shuas on iome ar s by onmply hu odiso a otr e areaarby pecily wre we e righ so anot tere s a ea ciexpl wion w a gh notraform t e seral ocksorthf herepl n i' staingutarm now sel ks thnre i'isontag conrmedow a srt ti ago, oonr0,00on foled i s thiseck tifo, thwood o we00 ol i affeed b yis tktfhode exlosi .fe b soju tt, exsi mbe so anjuour ad a lf agowate m waanrt a may otewashin m lks veor otopd e in onlosing en wfirs got t o the scope. you' got lownedg wreersot mbs, e sccarshat we u' flotde aot ede rse.s, the ter rsvelte s al l a hher e. earl r.e r thlecars re aefi ltelyoing hr to he so darlge. thrs we'vfily seeng tow tcks t hyingsoo get dame.f 'vthesee cos tsout of t ng re n t haf t wates s go ct f down n eri t >>hrisiat owohat u wn actuly dvei the >>isurse . atrougthe stet of tu d inhe sedar ug ed thst form at telme w tinou r th rm elsaw. w eah,y crnd iade ou
11:46 pm
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11:47 pm
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11:48 pm
iy, yevalwe'r tnsfeheingmi yourove e. 'rthey te lefeing gat u ur tovehe re.ivinhpita eyleg uit snds ke is tis rein aeryhta diffult tuatn at ss nyu. ay fft atat erintheyptedu.oto ansf ople intheyeyed didedhat oyes rdaysf n to t ansf le ey dedatsay neopl td nosf i los li theplre ing no und muc i mor strs th if ey h donit bore.lolihe g nducortr thf hon be. >> elabet dyou ow sort ofhat >>haened el et dom wu re iortandg rit ofw,t haed w indri here pow andight but pow in maatta excereow candnht see t ow nciigroma'sta adinceflo. ey he aback eepow. cii worodmagi a in hoslotal uld h be ack laceow. wogi wi a eveosl mod a ceackuwi poweveans.o th wouekuincr iblywenusus. thand oushoc te haen. youave y secre oflywhyhesu d ocfaile onhe hapowe.r anou thee se ofy ckup >> iilhinkonweou'r absutelanhe ght, erupn, ink ink is c're bsel as a sprise t t,therm. i was ak uall a c ny a l sstis tye .th ey hwa all mltip llayeye of h systs i mnip cas methg yef fail. it's clea tost ie whyas th tey'v il 'seao now geehy on t t'vbaku pow
11:49 pm
ich y now b genbaow wo ingh ono wel ich why there tranerrio peoge ouel at i h canhyazarhe a uess haneri eo ou is i it's jtanaterar ass h ist' jermag fo watedama forlectagcalo systs, y 'retema orallyn oublctl m to tstey ye n't lyave wat on blpatit tooor t teat onti buor crtaiy war gebu in rtsof t ectr cal saitem, yowage cann sen t oubl no tratte sm, h manyoan baupeyste yo blte han bahavteo >> al rig. elabetav a igco.n, tha you ery el et ch, portg thhe ltest coon ehaouy , rt evaatio f, lst as s va io sa , abt 20 paents s in saab nhatn. whenepats co inbac at senbastnco c unger wil s bst bck toalk out e peect orm. ge il b btok t pet m. bubecae ofusins peop likyou,bucaofin opiku, ingsre binni getolli. d re ons hergsto h etli res ermaki h it sierith e perte anserve
11:50 pm
kit erto kh p th e whls trtninganrv k thwh tfromngusins los casmanamentom inlo we wt toase yona ntrtnemovi forrd. wsotowitcyoto r ionsnevior. sotc rns anlet'get ing. geth. an t't g. th nobo saian ijet d toe sl. or tt prtingn co r had cos a it tosl tprngco d osfoe. nobo saian a-in-e hato bbulk boai an- ha blk or tt yohad pri fromour sk. lea t, noyody sd d itri tooms. r . eano sit to intrucinthe sine sma inet a-in-e sees from roth . trine nema sy tinuse, a n-se it the ltim e coominatthn te, itheimco at ofpeedsmalsize d locostrintg. ofedalze lostnt
11:51 pm
weave g drms. e isor alean dosticnergfutu thatuts in ntrowee dr. is aan doicrgtuats n ro our unda natal g islrea savg usoney prodr ing daeaneatelec gicit iseaavuseyodg neecit puing to rk re iamera and pporng wpud ang solao ierd or w anlaoughll ergy veloent comewithome sk 're mmitd toghafel e y anloresptsiblmethe e itto el oducang naspral bls. uc na's nl a dam. amera's turagas. n d. ttinus icontl of o eney fure, erw.s ras. in int onefu,
11:52 pm
11:53 pm
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11:54 pm
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11:55 pm
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11:56 pm
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11:57 pm
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11:58 pm
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11:59 pm
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